Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pc Troubleshoot

this file will help you to maintenance your own computer and get best result in performance computer.

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3.Installation Microsoft Windows XP Click Here!!! include VIDEO

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Let's try and get a good result ;-)...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Google Chrome

World renowned search engines, Google now launch sailor web distinctive make its latest competitor on par with present sailor namely Explorer's Internet, Firefox and Opera.

Google be conducted company base in California, the Google Inc name his latest sailor as Google Chrome ensures easier access to his search engines.

His product management Vice President, Sundar Pichai, inform sailor involve shall act as 'window' to website which acted as hardware to users to interact.

“Like those found in Google website's habit, Google Chrome contains interface short consumer with sophisticated element of web modern," she said.
She said, it enable users surf Google Chrome easily to seek out and content navigation through simple method.

Meanwhile, Engineering Director its, Linus Upson, say, Google Chrome built based on open-source project which contribute to sailor technology and help increase rival and innovative.

The web browser may be amended fall in format Beta to Windows through site however it Mac's consumer and Linux had to wait until next month to own its.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You face USB's problem attacked virus???

USB vulnerable course of doing virus transfer file / data.Then you have to do scanning use antivirus that had diupdate to detect attack virus.At here have a new product on market for USB's antivirus namely USB VIRUS SCAN 2.3.

This software miniaturized and could be loaded in USB.Can be accessed at : (Claimwin Portable)

Face Windows Genuine Advantages's problem

It its happen in frequent consumer use internet.This WGA can make komputeranda accidentally erased and face problems for operating smoothly.It happened after you menginstall update from Microsoft although Windows XP you use is original.

Need not be worried and are concerned because Your Doctor IT be his solution.First,you are discouraged from update Windows XP that if using software pirate.You can cover up that process by going down to :

1. Go to icon My Computer and Right click >Properties
2. In System Proprieties have 7 TAB operation at top part,click to TAB Automatic Update. to Turn Off Automatic Update and click OK.

One more step with download RemoveWGA 1.2

Click Here!!!

Good Luck ….Anything problems can send questions to Your Doctor IT.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Basis Repair Computer

Nowadays also, youth or adult have started keen own a laptop. This is because laptop now can be bought with quite low price beside portable to any. For them do not own Internet access at home, they over interested to visit to outlets or restaurant which provides service wireless free of charge for Internet access.

Of course there is no doubt that computer glitch could cause we confuse and worried what more when there is something importantly must resolved quickly using the computer that.

In short were several kind of problem can happen to your computer like computer could not be started, crowding out Windows, happen error,hardware & software no function, and others problems will happen. Overall, that problem could be categorised to two parts namely hardware and problem problem software.

Hardware Problems

There is much problem which can happen on computer hardware which resulted your computer could not be started. Must remember, kebanyakkan hardware problem cause computer could not be started.Between problem used to emerge is like no display in screen, could not detect hardware such as floopy, mouse, keyboard etc.

Solution there are a few things on your computer hardware problem. In the first place check connection cables on your computer hardware.Make sure no tilt and loose cable because this could cause your computer could not function.
Further check computer hardware one by one to identify damaged hardware. First step try to open and reassemble that hardware neatly. If unsuccessful, you must test hardware with new hardware.Doing this process repetitively one by one up to you meet problem which occur.
Dust could also cause your computer no can be turned on or unable like clockwork. As such, clean your computer of dust and dirt which might cleave to hardware. Doing this cleaning process warily, periodic and orderly.

Software Problems

Software problem may be slightly harder compared hardware problem. Usually if software problem happen, your computer still can be turned on and information display in screen be able to seem. However it still dependent damages type or problem in that software.
However, usually software problem which arise will be stated that damages information.If you dab in software, you may be can solve the problem which arise refer to information mentioned. Otherwise you may need send its for at repair.

Should occur fairly complicated software problem, a final step that can you doing was throw that software and Install again. Same with Operational System (Windows , Linux) you, otherwise function your computer format and Install again that software.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Computer Security

How Way To Avoid Computer Been Broken?

1. Backup System

Make copy backup of important data data altogether resides in PC you. This are because, usually maintenance or frequent service make reparation or format disk.

2. Clean Up The Computer System

Cleaning procedure system cover things-like :

i. Clean Up Monitor
ii. Clean properly Casing
iii. Clean Mouse
iv. Clean Keyboard
v. Check Outside Power Cable
vi. Check Inside Power Cable
vii. Clean Up Drive
x. Troubleshoot the Drive

Equipment serves to purpose of cleaning normally comprise of following items :

o Tissues
o Cloth
o Paint Brush
o Kit cleaner
o Vacuum
o Touch Light
o Kit CD's cleaner and Floppy Drive
o Cotton bud

3. Hard Disk Maintenance

o Disk Cleanup

Clean and eliminate files does not require. Clean The group of:

> temporary internet file
> download program file
> Recycle Bin
> Temporary File
> Scan disk

Used to check on diskette surface or hard disk and repair its.

o Disk Fragmentation

It used to reform content hard disk so that data management process will be faster.

o Maintenance wizards

Contain procedure which protects system by providing suitable environment namely physically and electric.

1. Physical :

o environmental temperature
o power cycling
o Dust

2. Electrical

o power line noise
o radio frequency interface
o electric static

Procedure Check Operation Environment

a. environmental temperature

Temperature in room or office necessary suitable. To ensure computer system are operating in suitable temperature, temperature had been set by computer supplier necessary leak . PC's most suppliers prepares data of operation temperature for each his system. For example, IBM provides operation temperature as follows :

System On : 60 – 90 Fahrenheit
System Off : 50-110 Fahrenheit

b. Power Cycling (on/off)

PC ON or Off is dependent with his operation temperature. To ensure readability good data, computer need to be ignored for 15 minutes without any operation after in start.

c. Dust

Dust, smoke and dirt was inimical to computer system. Each system having suitable suggestion method in his cleaning process.

d. Power line noise

Evade from usage same circuit switch with computer of electrical equipment usage which uses electricity to operating.This would disrupt line or computer system power and cause damage at him.Between electrical device dislike doubtless use high electricity is like cleaner vacuum, Coffee Maker, photocopier, laser printer etc.
e. Radio frequency interface

Make sure well off computer system away from equipment to use radio waves!!!

f. Electric static

Best method to avoid electrostatics is by computer room way of building or office with power line grounding system suitably and in a situation.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Information Bank

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